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These 5 quick how-to steps will show you how to apply and get the most out of your fave I AM EYECONIC® cosmetic glitters. Ensuring your eyeshadow look is taken to the next level!

Prep your eyes for cosmetic glitterand apply your base eyeshadow of choice.
Step 1. Prepare for eye glitter

Prepare your eyes for glitter by applying a base eyeshadow of choice.

Step 2. Cosmetic glitter adhesive

Using a flat synthetic brush or your finger, apply a cosmetic glitter adhesive on the area you would like the glitter placed.

How to apply cosmetic glitter
Step 3. How to apply cosmetic glitter

Dip your brush into your fave EYECONIC® loose cosmetic glitter for face and body. Lightly tap the brush to remove any excess and pat it on top of the cosmetic glitter adhesive you have just applied.

Add more eyeshadow to blend in the glitter
Step 4. Eyeshadow styles

Continue until you feel the cosmetic glitter has covered your desired area and has settled into place. Go in and further enhance your look by adding more eyeshadow to blend the glitter in. (To brush off glitter that has fallen onto your face, close your eyes and use a large fluffy powder brush with a flicking motion to sweep any unwanted glitter away).

Complete look eyeshadow with added cosmetic glitter
Step 5. Complete the look

Finish of your look by coating your lashes with mascara and add your chosen pair of I AM EYECONIC® Super Fluffy Lashes. Here we have used our face and body cosmetic fine glitter in “It’s Lit” and Super Fluffy Lashes in “Pricey”

The possibilities are endless with I AM EYECONIC® cosmetic glitters. You can apply them anywhere… glitter that is safe for face, body, hair and even on nails!

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