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My name is Felicia and I am the founder of I AM EYECONIC. Also known as Feliciaox on Instagram. I am a makeup artist and a social media beauty influencer (yes I have my fingers in a lot of pies and I would not have it any other way!) I love all things glam and extra sparkly therefore its only right that my cosmetics line represents me and all that I live for. It’s been a long lived dream to have my own cosmetics line and I just want to share with you a little bit of how this whole journey started.

This idea transpired in a very innocent way when one day I was wearing the glitter at work where I was employed as a makeup artist for a cosmetics brand. Customers all day were staring at my eyes and asking me what glitters I was wearing and when I was not present at work they were asking my colleagues, what glitter I had on.

It was reported that consumers were putting down the glitters that they had purchased from other brands and they were in the search for my glitter.

After this I decided that these glitters were something else and that I need to do something.

I AM EYECONIC is not aimed at any particular age group or any season or event, the product is suitable for all year festivities including the popular festival season, proms, weddings, parties and all year celebrations. This multi-purpose glitter can be used on the face, body, hair and nails.

Our company philosophy is simple: to give our customers an outstanding product that they are obsessed over!

Love, Felicia xxx

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