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2 different ways to wear glitter!

Whether it’s for a party or for a festival we have you covered!

Glitter Highlighter

You’ve seen it all over social media and we are now telling you just how easy it is to achieve the look! All you need is some Vaseline or cosmetic glitter adhesive (if you want a full days wear out of it) dab some of the adhesive or Vaseline on the highest part of your cheekbones and you will be glowing from out of space in no time.

The Halo Eye

This is a great one if you want to look uber chic and classy. Perf for a party! Sweep over an eyeshadow 2 shades darker than your skin colour on to the crease of your eyes. This will work as a transition allowing all the other shadows to blend seamlessly. Next step apply a darker shimmery shade on the inner and outer portions of your eye leaving the middle bare. Finally dab some cosmetic glitter adhesive into the middle portion and top it with glitter. There you have it! Stunning eyes worthy of an instagram selfie! A shoutout to the enormously talented @sophiemakeup on Instagram for creating this eye makeup look. She has us all drooling with each and every look she posts!

Love  I AM EYECONIC Makeup x

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